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For several years now, Annemarie Smit has been active as a gifted paranormal medium. This has resulted in a wide range of invitations by the media, such as the following Dutch magazines, for example Viva, Grazia and Yes.

Her busy practice has enabled her to help many people so far, for instance by contacting people who have passed away and deceased pets, conveying messages sent from the beyond.

In addition, Annemarie provides all sorts of explanations on paranormal phenomena, and she has opened a feature where people can tell about their personal paranormal experiences, often followed by her explanation of the significance of such experiences.

In her "about Annemarie" feature, Annemarie provides additional information about herself and her gifts of visual and auditory clairvoyance and magnetising.





psychic medium clairvoyance Annemarie Smit


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"If you would like to let me know how your beloved ones or your pet(s) has/have given signs of life after death, then please send me an E-mail containing your personal experience(s), and I will add them to this website!".




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